STRUKTR Studios is pleased to announce the official launch of Open For Humans.

The full-service design house, conceived in Florida and located in Los Angeles’ Arts District, is the collaborative effort from artist Melanie Ryan (The White Wall Gallery) + architect Todd Sussman (Macau's MGM Mansion, Disney's Golden Oak Residences). From interior design, to fixtures + signage, custom branding, and merchandising + curation, Open For Humans is redefining the human sensory experience in hotels, restaurants, workplaces, and public spaces with their signature Califloridian design sensibilities. 

Meet The Makers

Melanie Ryan is a designer and maker for whom art has always been the greatest conduit for human connections. Open For Humans was borne out of her desire to channel her artistic abilities and marketing know-how into a single, human-centric outlet.

Todd Sussman has, for over a decade, been designing world-renowned resorts, public installations, and major retail and restaurant locations, infusing a number of renowned brands' retail spaces with a modern sensory experience. With Open For Humans, Todd is applying architectural principles to alternative design realms. 

Visit The Studio

The duo are now crafting human-centric designs with a Califloridian sensibility. Get a sneak peek at what happens when an artist and an architect collaborate to design, build, and make to their own devices.

Click here to learn more about Open For Humans, or if you are interested in a collaboration.