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"STRUKTR Studios is excellent at creating thoroughly engaging narratives combined with strategic keyword research. The result is content that is sticky, shareable, and relevant. They are on-time with deliverables and easy to communicate with."

- John Kvasnic, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of OpenHouse (acquired by Quicken Loans) 

"Absolutely love working with Marni and the team at STRUKTR Studios. They have helped us develop and deliver fresh content to promote our brand. It almost feels like we are working with an internal team. They have been proactive to know our business and make sure the message is right. They have also set clear expectations, including a detailed calendar with deliverables, and have exceeded expectations every step of the way. Highly recommend STRUKTR Studios for strategic marketing and relevant content."

-John Matthews, Co-Founder & Marketing Director of White Orchid Interiors

"I totally enjoyed the article on the butterfly roof and I thank you for your well written and accurate story about the history of that roof shape."

-William Krisel, A.I.A, ambassador of Southern California's trademark mid-century butterfly roof on Marni Epstein-Mervis' piece "Le Corbusier's Forgotten Design: Socal's Iconic Butterfly Roof"

"STRUKTR's writing exemplifies a sharp insight and cultural relevance rarely seen. Driven by their parallel interest in both real estate and architecture, their unique vision offers a powerful voice that promises to become culturally resounding."

- Gabriel Huerta, Founder and Principal at STUDIOHUERTA.

"A must-read feature."

Curbed National, on Marni Epstein-Mervis' piece, "How the Cold War Shaped the Design of American Malls"