Join Us On July 15th
in DTLA!

The Big Idea

I didn’t start out a as a writer and photographer, in fact, I graduated USC with a business degree and went to work immediately for MySpace (remember them?) working in digital ad operations. Digital ad operations - that’s a fancy sounding term for what boils down to putting ads on the internet. For me, it didn’t feel creative, it wasn’t fun, but it was the track I had started on and it was safe and well-paying. I was stuck. Stuck in a cubicle all day and after finishing my work, I'd pass the time reading blogs like Curbed and Apartment Therapy, wishing I was contributing for them.

Today I do. I've had my interior and architectural photography published on their sites, as well as on Dwell, Decorist, on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Home & Design section, and have built a thriving content studio in STRUKTR, working with companies like Dunn-Edwards, GMC, Ketel One, and others, along the way.

It doesn't happen overnight. Which is exactly the reason I'm sharing with you the skills and strategies I learned in order for you get there, faster.

             -Marni Epstein-Mervis, STRUKTR Studios' Principal and Founder



The Goods

An intimate, one-day only opportunity that cuts through the glossy bullshit and gives you the real skills and strategies you need to go from side-hustle to full-time. Including:

A power panel...

of some of the top minds in the world of content. Get a 360 degree view of the content world. Learn from the gatekeepers, the ladies on the publisher side who decide what to publish, re-post, and link to - and what not to; learn from PR queens on how to get press and also what they look for when it comes media and influencer partners; learn from the creators themselves, who started at the bottomed and worked their way to the top.

Hustle courses...

that will teach you camera tricks to take eye-popping photography. You'll also learn to edit photos and video, as well as get schooled in the art of pitching. Get editors, brands, magazines to "yes." Be in the know whether you're pitching yourself to a magazine, to a brand, or you’re pitching a story you’d like to write to a publication.

A community of architecture + design bitches...

because at STRUKTR Studios we're more than a content studio. We're a closely knit network of home-grown talent that encourages and fosters development in one other.