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Content Creation Lab™ is a disruptive workshop empowering female entrepreneurs with technical and creative skills to build beloved brands via high-quality content creation. Content Creation Lab™ is a fun, stylish, live, educational, micro-experience. Our curriculum is focused on you quickly developing competency in skills integral to content creation and building brands: Photography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Pitching, Blogging, Instagram Strategy, Strategic Content Partnerships, etc. Content Creation Lab™ positions female entrepreneurs to grow their brands faster and cheaper. 


- Hear from industry experts - 

- Connect with a broader entrepreneurial community -

- Experiment in a fun, creative lab environment -


Real Talk: 

Despite what Instagram and magazine stories might have you thinking, building a brand isn't f*cking easy. That’s why we’re sharing the real shit with you - everything we’ve learned through our successes and failures. Yep, actionable tools and strategies that you can implement right now. No, not kidding, like as soon as you get home

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"What a great workshop! Really great insight and tips! I hope there is more to come."



"I had fun and look forward to future events and really do appreciate your sense of giving back to a creative community."



"Thank you for a great seminar!"



"Yas! Thank you!" 

- Andrea


What Is Content Creation Lab STRUKTR Studios

I didn’t start out a as a writer and photographer, in fact, I graduated USC with a business degree and went to work immediately for MySpace (remember them?) working in digital ad operations. Digital ad operations - that’s a fancy sounding term for what boils down to putting ads on the internet. For me, it didn’t feel creative, it wasn’t fun, but it was the track I had started on and it was safe and well-paying. I was stuck. Stuck in a cubicle all day and after finishing my work, I'd pass the time reading blogs like Curbed and Apartment Therapy, wishing I was contributing for them.

Today I do. I've had my interior and architectural photography published on their sites, as well as on Dwell, Decorist, on the cover of the Los Angeles Times Home & Design section, and have built a thriving content studio in STRUKTR, working with companies like Dunn-Edwards, GMC, Ketel One, and others, along the way.

It doesn't happen overnight. Which is exactly the reason I'm sharing with you the skills and strategies I learned in order for you get there, faster.


             -Marni Epstein-Mervis, STRUKTR Studios' Principal and Founder