Make Your Photos Really Pop With These Best Photo Editing Apps

You can take a beautifully composed photo, but it might not always turn out to be insta-worthy.  Why? Well when you're dealing with real world circumstances, lighting isn't always right, colors don't always pop, or there may be distracting graffiti, faces, or a host of other things making your photos feel less beautiful than they should. 

I want to share a few of the best photo editing apps (IMHO) that can turn even the dimmest-lit photos into eye-popping, Instagram faves.


VSCO touts itself as,  "for creators, by creators." As such, VSCO delivers an easy-to-use-app (with social and community functionality built-in to connect with fellow creatives and travelers around the world) that is great for everything from simple tweaks of contrast to creating truly moody aesthetics. The photo editing app has a wide range of pre-set filters that are sure to help you create the aesthetic of your choosing.

Easter Columbia Photo Editing Apps
Eastern Columbia VSCO

A Color Story

Color lover? This app's for you. I mean, its name says it all. A Color Story photo editing app can make your photos more vibrant than you ever imagined. Eye-popping is how I might best describe a photo after using this app. In addition to the usual suspects of editing tools (crops, tilts, perspective adjustments), A Color Story also offers a number of creative effects, like bokehs, lens flares, color fogs, and more. Upgrade and unlock more filter packs and effects at your preference. 

Having been founded by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, the creators of A Beautiful Mess, A Color story caters to the influencer community. In fact, a number of their filter pre-sets are collaborations with other color-loving Instagram influencers.

Happy Place Best Photo Editing Apps
Happy Place STRUKTR Studios Best Photo editing apps
Parker Hotel Pre Photo Edit
A Color Story Best Photo Editing App

Photoshop Fix

Have a an Adobe account? Utilize this handheld version of the well-known photo editing software to edit your photos at a pixel level. Need a clone stamp to remove that graffiti on the wall behind your subject? Want to color correct clothing? Or maybe, the only thing in your photo you want to make more vibrant are the flower petals in a bouquet. Photoshop Fix lets you get that granular - all right there on your smart phone.

Photoshop Fix Best Editing App
Photoshop fix best editing app
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