What's In My Bag Iceland

What’s in my bag? is a recurring feature where I share a bit more about what style items are must-haves as STRUKTR Studios heads out of town or to an event.

I'm packing my bags for Iceland. I can't wait to see what this Nordic nation of natural wonders and modern design has in store. I'll be staying in Reykjavik, but will also be venturing out by car to see what lays beyond the capital city. And while it may be July, summer means something quite different in Iceland than it does in Los Angeles. In Iceland, average summer temps max out at around 55 degrees...Fahrenheit! Given the chilly temps and the fact that Iceland is the land of midnight sun, what exactly am I packing?

Here's a peek inside my bag at some of the essentials I'm bringing to Iceland.


What's In My Bag Iceland

Bag: "Bunker Hill" Vintage Canvas Backpack
I love good WWI era-style backpack. Its rugged style and sturdiness will be the perfect combo to tackle adventures in the city as well as those out in the country. 

Linen Stripe Scarf - Gap
Striped Sweater - J. Crew (Similar)
Troopa Boots - Steve Madden
Star Wars Sleep Mask- Etsy (Ok, so in case the "Star Wars" description wasn't enough of a giveaway, I'm borrowing this item from my husband, Laine.)
Leatherbound Notebook - Rustico (Similar)

What's In My Bag Iceland
What's In My Bag Iceland


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