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The Breakdown

Total Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Total Cost: $73.64

This month STRUKTR Studios is taking a WeWork diet in favor of working from home -- and that means home office. In a 570 sqft house and with a minimalist aesthetic, this is a worthy challenge.

How I DIY'ed A Small Space Desk

On the one hand, twin closets framing a window in our bedroom create a natural space for an office nook. On the other hand, it's custom-sized at 56.5 inches long and 12 inches deep. Fortunately I had some ideas. I shopped my home for twin wooden crates that were serving as bedside night tables -- and repurposed them as desk legs. From there, I stacked book to add 10 inches to bring the desk to standard desk height. Also, STRUKTR worked with a great faux marble material for a recent photoshoot for Dunn-Edwards.

marble small space desk

I was off to Home Depot to cut the desktop from 3/4 inch pine ($24.99) and (4) Carrera marble vinyl tiles ($7.33). The checker at Home Depot did a double take at the marble and remarked, "super cool." Some exacto knife cutting in the backyard, lining up tiles, and sticking, and the job was done!

The last step was a trip to Shorthand on York in Highland Park for a fresh desk set in my signature mint.


30 min - Thinking about the right item to repurpose from home
30 min - Stacking books into (2) 10-inch piles
40 min - Trip to Home Depot and back
30 min - Measuring, cutting, and applying vinyl marble onto desktop
20 min - Trip to Shorthand for desk accessories


$24.98 - 3/4 inch thick pine for desktop
$7.33 - Carera marble vinyl tiles
$0 - (2) crates (originally approx. $12 each)
$41.33 - Desk Accessories from Shorthand

Tools Needed:

Exacto knife
Measuring tape