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If I have one pet peeve when it comes to content marketing, it's content marketing that provides little or no substance. It's why I wrote an whole blog about it. It's why at STRUKTR Studios we're doling out helpful content marketing tips and tricks every week. Check out today's insights on content marketing strategy.

Asking The Big Content Question

"Why do I need a content strategy?" It's a perfectly valid question to ask yourself. In fact, it should probably be the first question you ask yourself when you market your business. A content strategy allows you to goal set. A content strategy allows you to take actionable steps towards those goals. Otherwise, without a content strategy, your content marketing efforts will be like throwing darts at a board. A content strategy is like your CAD drawings, it's the first step, the blueprint to help you realize the finished product.

Content Strategy As A Blueprint For Growth

Your content should drive towards your ultimate business goals as a design firm or boutique hotel (you may have over-arching goals e.g. increased sales but you also may have intermediate goals like newsletter sign-ups or more Instagram followers). A great content strategy will ensure that all your content aligns with achieving those goals. With a content strategy to guide you, your content will work toward building SEO. In fact, it's why keeping a regular blog is so critical.

Your Content Market Strategy....Strategy

Here are six questions to consider when establishing a content marketing strategy:

1) What Is Your Business Objective ( in the short term AND in the long-term)
2) Who Is Your Audience? 
3) Why Are They Your Audience?
4) What Are They Interested In Reading? 
5) What Questions Do They Have? 
6) How Can You Help Them? (what is your value proposition?)

What does your content marekting strategy look like?