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what's the fuss about content marketing

What exactly is Content Marketing anyway - how do you define it? I mean we know that even brick-and-mortar businesses like mall operators are turning to innovative Content Marketing strategies to stay relevant and connect with customers in a digital world. And that STRUKTR Studios uses Content Marketing to get the message out about, well, Content Marketing. But what’s the fuss about Content Marketing anyway?

Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating
and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and
retain a clearly-defined audience
—and, ultimately, to drive profitable
customer action.

That’s the definition according to the Content Marketing Institute, a global content marketing education and training organization.

how we define content marketing

Here’s the STRUKTR Studios definition: Content Marketing is smart, evocative content. It’s telling your company’s story or sharing your company's expertise in a way that’s meaningful to your audience, teaches them something valuable, and is maybe a bit irreverent. It’s quality blogging, social media, photography, video, PR, and more. It’s developed for your website or to be posted across partner publications. The team at STRUKTR Studios specializes in developing Content Marketing for design-forward companies from architecture studios and designers to boutique hotels, restaurants, real estate firms, and non-profits.

crafting innovative pieces of content

Let me say that again: Your Content Marketing should share with your audience something meaningful. Great Content Marketing puts the audience first.

For example, are you a real estate company and have loads and loads of real estate data at your fingertips? Find a way to tell your audience a story about the real estate market, which showcases your expertise, and is also fun, accessible, and shareable. Check out this example I created for real estate tech startup Agent Ace. This article shared the company's real estate expertise by virtue of a real estate story all about the absurdly successful television franchise Real Housewives of Atlanta. The key to great Content Marketing is utilizing a high level of creativity with regard to your area of expertise whether you're an architect, running a boutique hotel or a restaurant, or launching a real estate startup.

Content Marketing should offer your audience something valuable, irreverant, and shareable. a nutshell

There are strategies for effective Content Marketing, like the five must-have elements for successful design blogs, sharing your authentic voice as a company and as a thought leader, and utilizing influencers to drive your brand across social media platforms

Want to see what creative and evocative content marketing can do for you?