We're Loving These Hottest Design Trends of 2017

New year. New design trends. From Elle Decor to The Wall Street Journal, and House Beautiful, everyone is taking an early stance on the interior design trends that we will soon be seeing everywhere in 2017. Eames lounge chairs begone. Rustic woods, see ya! Cheery pastels - wouldn’t want to be ya. Whether your company will be blogging about design, sending out newsletters sharing design tips, or plans to have custom content crafted for their Instagram, make sure your content marketing plan for 2017 reflects the year’s hottest trends.

We’re diving into 2017's hottest trends so get a ahead of the curve with your content creation -and weigh in with your thoughts on the trends, below.

New Trend: Mixing and Layering

Minimal Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetics are giving way to layered looks and mixing patterns. That means layering southwestern fringe with deep, indigo dyed fabrics of Japanese influence is a-ok. The WSJ notes that, New York designer Starrett Ringbom is seeing more ‘tassels and trims as rich, louche interiors make a comeback.’" Another major trend when it comes to layering, is layering cultures in your design aesthetic. No doubt you will be seeing rich, well-worn Chesterfield sofas set against modern, floral motifs.

see how STRUKTR Studio's Marni Epstein-Mervis and husband, Laine, layer cultures in
their 'Atomic Safaro' California home tour from Apartment Therapy.

photo via  Casa Joshua Tree

New Trend: Marble...Everywhere

We talked about this white hot trend during summer - the affair with white marble will carry on through to 2017 as well, suggests House Beautiful. Sure there's the usual marble countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, but 2017 will also bing with it marble in unexpected places - like wallpapers, housewares, and more!

photo via Style Caster

photo via Style Caster

New Trend: Terrazzo Flooring

While Mid-Century's influence might be waning when it comes to furniture, its influence is a live and well in flooring trends. Terrazzo - the slab material with its chips of marble, quartz, granite, and glass -  once loomed large in the homes and office buildings of post-war America. Now, in 2017, the WSJ, notes that this cool, fresh, nearly-indestructible material will surge in popularity, noting that terrazzo will oust dark wood floors taking the top spot on everyone's flooring wish list.

photo via Nomos.archi

New Trend: Greens

Green is good. This pick for 2017 makes sense when you consider Pantone’s nature-inspired choice for 2017 color of the year. From forest greens to lighter hues, like Pantone's, incorporating nature's vibes via paint color is huge. After spending 2016 going gaga over perfectly pleasant pale pinks, this year design tastes will swing to the opposite end of the spectrum by giving way to the vibrant or moody embrace of these greens.

photo via Apartment Therapy


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