As a designer, there are a few essential blogs that you're probably dying to be on. For a designer, translating your brand and ethos into an evocative story that is a must-print for any publication can be challenging. What angle do you take? What tone do you use? What photos should I use? But telling that evocative must-print story is also how you can score press for your brand. An important part of telling a great story, is making sure that you share it with the right audience - a publication who's coverage aligns with what you do, and how you do it.

To help decipher the best-fit publications for you and your brand, we've broken down some of the top blogs in the design world.


Who Should Be Here: Residential and Interior Architects, Designers
Why You Should Be Here: Dwell is the authority on the hottest modern residential well…..dwellings. Their stories focus on how people live in their well-designed, modern spaces. so make sure your clients are open to a little publicity, themselves.

The Jungalow

Who Should Be Here: Floral and Landscape Designers, Interior Designers
Why You Should Be Here: Designers with a green thumb take note: The Jungalow, has taken the boho-plant-loving world by storm. Jungalow Creator, Justina Blakeney was named by L.A. Weekly as one of 2016’s Most Fascinating Characters. With The Jungalow’s over 400k Instagram followers, Blakeney’s blog has quickly taken root as the place to see and be seen for the succulent sect. 

Jungalow STRUKTR Studios

Apartment Therapy

Who Should Be Here: Designers, Architects, Makers of all stripes
Why You Should Be Here: Apartment Therapy was a pioneer in the digital world of lifestyle and design. They started back in 2004 (eons ago in internetz years). In 2009 Forbes called Apartment Therapy, “one of the most influential interior design sites on the Web." With everything from style guides, to ikea furniture hacks, and house tours, Apartment Therapy is a destination for those from every corner of the design world. A house tour or diy project submission that shows off your design chops in this publication is instant press.

Apartment Therapy STRUKTR Studios


Who Should Be Here: Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Agents, Architects
Why You Should Be Here: Ok sure, I'm a little biased. But nobody does real estate and architecture quite like Curbed. I mean who doesn't appreciate a little wry wit with their real estate news? In addition to Curbed National, Curbed is great because of its city-based editions that take a deep dive into local real estate and architecture related news. If you’re looking for a local audience and have a thick enough skin to take a few barbs from commenters, Curbed is your read of choice.

Curbed STRUKTR Studios

Design Milk

Who Should Be Here: Product Designers, Furniture Designers, Architects
Why You Should Be Here: Design Milk, “offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology.” Whether you’re looking to showcase a new build, amazing reno, sleek new restaurant or storefront, or your architecturally-inspired product, Design Milk covers it all - often from a designer's perspective, and always with great pictorials.

Design Milk STRUKTR Studios


Who Should Be Here: Furniture Designers, Makers of All Stripes
Why You Should Be Here: Kinfolk is more than a magazine, it’s a movement - check that, I mean, a #movement. Kinfolk is a slow lifestyle magazine. It caters to and attracts those looking to appreciate everything from handicrafts to a good back-to-the-land movement.

Kinfolk STRUKTR Studios

The Bottom Line About Design Press

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