5 Mistakes Design and Lifestyle Brands Are Making With Content

Web and social media content are important tools. As a Founder you can use it to convey your expertise to customers and tell your brand’s unique story. And let's not forget about your customers - content can educate and entertain them. Truly great content will keep customers coming back to you, which is why content should be atop your priority list as a Founder and entrepreneur. If the content you put out into the world isn't helping you, it's probably hurting you.

Here's why:

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1. Quality Control Is MIA

The content you post sets the tone for how the public perceives you and your business. Whether you are getting leads from google searches, from word of mouth, or from potential clients stumbling across your Instagram account, just know that that their first impression of your business is a lasting one - so make sure that your content sets the right tone for your business off the bat.

 Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis

Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis

2. Treating Content As An Afterthought

The content you share drives the conversation people are having about you and your business. I get it it's super easy to say “I’ll get to content eventually," but in reality, content should be a top priority on your business’ to-do list. Pushing this task off to an intern or whichever employee has a few extra minutes in their day has never built anyone a winning content strategy.  Content needs to be constant and it needs be presented well and in a manner that reflects your brand’s narrative. The better the content, the more likely you are to convert website or social media visitors into actual customers.

3. Failing To Realize Content Converts

A well rounded Search Engine Optimization (SEO) approach should include content if you are to convert leads. SEO, in the traditional sense, can only take you so far if your website still looks like it’s from 1997, or 2007, for that matter. In the digital landscape, clients’ standards for what is modern and professional evolves as quickly as, say, the plot in a Marvel movie. Sure, SEO can draw thousands of people to your website, but if it’s an outdated or fails to engage, those visitors will bounce just as quickly as they as they arrived. You can’t afford to let your content fall behind - it's the key to cultivating your persona as an expert in your field. 

 Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis For Mahabis

Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis For Mahabis

4. Ignoring That Great Content Heightens Expertise

Whether your brand is in the field of interior design, architecture, or hospitality, the key to converting visitors to customers is presenting yourself as an authority - and great content is the key. Remember that if people are searching the internet for your service, or a similar service, they already want to connect with you. They’re simply looking for that wow factor - that emotional connection - that will make them choose your business over the others. Give them that wow factor by using language that your target audience connects with. For some businesses that might mean a casual style, for others that could mean a more buttoned up, professional style. Go that extra mile by using imagery that your target audience connects with - for some businesses that’s photography that presents an aspirational lifestyle, while for others that might mean clear and concise iconography. Whatever your approach, it’s important that it aligns directly with your target audience and your brand.

Marni Epstein-Mervis

5. Not Telling Their Unique Story With It

Content is a way of telling your brand’s story. It shows who you are and what principles you represent as a business. Great content can tell your brand’s narrative in an approachable and concise manner. A manner that ensures your social media followers or website visitors will be able to connect with your brand on an emotional and personal level. If a visitor to your Instagram or website isn't able to understand what you do, or the value that your business offers, you're going to lose them as a potential client. Great content, on the other hand, can convey your message quickly and clearly.

 Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis

Photo by Marni Epstein-Mervis