Here's What Was Major At Dwell On Design 2016

We hashtagged and 'grammed our way through Dwell on Design 2016. In case you missed it, we're recapping what's big and bold in interior and home design this year. As you can see from below, "Green" played a major role this year. From literally the color green, to going green with pre-fab homes, to incorporating greenery in outdoor living, one huge takeaway from Dwell on Design 2016 is that green is good. We're highlighting designs from Rad Furniture, Adam Raiola, Semihandmade, Living Homes, and others. Check the latest design trends from Dwell on Design below.

Were you at this year's event? Share with us in the comments below what you loved most and/or what trends you spotted.

Dwell Trend Board Products.jpg
Who didn't love  Sonja Rasula 's collaboration with  LuxiSleep  at the mattress maker's Dwell on Design booth?

Who didn't love Sonja Rasula's collaboration with LuxiSleep at the mattress maker's Dwell on Design booth?