Photo via David Stanely

Asmara, Eritrea, a city in the Horn of Africa, is an unlikely city filled with streamline moderne and rationalist buildings. The city was developed by Fascists -- no, not Il Duce 2016 Donald Trump -- but those other Italian Fascists. Now one such structure in Asmara, the Fiat Tagliero, a striking 1930s gas station is seeking UNESCO World Heritage Site status, notes Curbed.

UNESCO's aim is cultural conservation through the recognition and preservation of buildings, cities, forests, monuments, and other world sites. If made a World Heritage Site, Fiat Tagliero, will become an interest of the international community. The site will be preserved and protected with the help of funds from the World Heritage Fund. And the city of Asmara, by way of its Fiat Tagiliero, will be recognized as a fundamental piece of the 20th century movement of Modernist architecture.