Welp, we're super excited to once again be featured on Apartment Therapy! This time around my husband Laine and I share tips on small space living. I'm a maximalist, he's a minimalist so we're sharing insights on what happened when we merged our lives and styles into just 570 sqft in Los Angeles' historic Highland Park neighborhood.

Living small is living large at the moment. The trend has produced everything from HGTV's Tiny House Hunters to skyscraper micro-units in high-priced cities. So whether you're living small because you're trying to live greener, or simply trying to get the most bang for your buck it seems like more people than ever are trying to maximize their space.

That's why when Apartment Therapy asked us to share our experience as a couple we were eager to share what we've learned. There were some tears, many trips to Goodwill, spreadsheets, and obviously compromise - oh and Legos, of course! To help you navigate the world of tiny living, read about how we combined our maximalist and minimalist styles, share space & deal with stuff .

In case you missed our full Apartment Therapy house tour you can sneak a peek at our digs here.

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