Marni's Well-Designed Day in Highland Park for  Apartment Therapy

Marni's Well-Designed Day in Highland Park for Apartment Therapy

The bigger the better, right? Well when it comes to influencer marketing - a strategy that uses key leaders to drive your brand’s message to a large market - that’s not necessarily true. AdAge’s recent article “Micro, Not Macro: Rethinking Influencer Marketing” hits on why it's so important to recognize quality over quantity for your influencer marketing - and just how a smaller influencer’s more authentic voice will actually net you more potential customers.

A few key takeaways.

First, influencer marketing is about real people, not celebrities:

They often have a more personal connection with their followers.
Typically, these influencers aren't celebrities. They are real people with a deep passion or subject-matter expertise. They are often more relatable than big-time influencers, and their content can feel more authentic and personal.
  Bright Bazaar 's influencer campaign for Ace Hotel New Orleans

Bright Bazaar's influencer campaign for Ace Hotel New Orleans

Second, smaller audiences are often wrongly undervalued. Rather, these audiences actually provide more bang for your marketing buck:

Micro-influencers' content often performs better than macro-influencers' posts. According to recent research, engagement rates on Instagram drop as the number of followers increases [...] For advertisers trying to get the most bang for their buck, it's worth considering the most effective path to scale.
  HomeyOhMy' s influencer campaign for Lutron Electrics

HomeyOhMy's influencer campaign for Lutron Electrics

Third, their audience more precisely aligns with your target following:

Many of the social media juggernauts have diverse fan bases. This can be a great thing, but for brands trying to target a particular type of customer, it's better to think narrow. Micro-influencers often cater to a specific, niche audience.

Instagram is a built-in audience of design-lovers. For design-forward brands, working with the right micro-influencers on Instagram allows you to cut through the clutter to skillfully and powerfully engage your target audience - at scale. On Instagram, the amount of followers you acquire can translate to real business leads and powerful publicity. To read more on why Instagram really matters for design + architecture pros, click here.


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